Bite-course Rapid eLearning development.

AlphabetFactory was approached by a business client to make a series of short courses on various topics for their employees. The project was called “SkillUp,” and it was meant to help employees improve their skills and knowledge by offering them short, focused training sessions. These 30 courses for “SkillUp” had to go live in 120 days.


The scope of the project was to develop 30 courses, each no longer than 4 hours in length, covering topics such as time management, effective communication, leadership, and cybersecurity. The courses needed to be interactive, engaging, and delivered in a variety of formats, including videos, animations, and quizzes.

  • Strategy

    Course Curriculum Design, SMEs inputs.

  • Design

    HLD, LLD, Instructional Design, Feedback process.

  • Production

    Media Development, Graphics and Videos, etc.

  • Platforms

    LMS, LCMS, Articulate Storyline, Adobe, GDocs, MSOffice, Jira.


Project deadline was a critical challenge. The client wants all courses finished and launched in 120 days. Ensuring that the end-users found the courses valuable was another concern

One of the main challenges we faced was the tight deadline for the project. The client wanted all courses to be completed and launched within six months. To achieve this, we needed to develop a streamlined production process, utilizing agile project management methodologies and collaboration tools.

Another challenge was ensuring that the courses were relevant and useful to the employees. To address this, we conducted a needs analysis to identify the most pressing training needs of the client’s workforce. We also incorporated feedback from beta testers to refine and improve the courses before launch.


Alphabet Factory delivered ‘SkillUp’ 30 bite-sized courses in a short timeframe. The project had strong client engagement and positive results

The outcome of the project was a success, with all 30 courses completed and launched within the 120-day timeframe. The courses were well received by the employees, with high levels of engagement and completion rates. The client reported an increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as a decrease in errors and incidents related to the topics covered in the courses.

The SkillUp project required the creation of 30 bite-sized courses on a wide range of subjects, with an emphasis on rapid development and a strict deadline. The initiative was a success, with high levels of participation and favorable results for the client.

Byte elearning Alphabet Factory

Our Expert Panel:


Aparna Chugh
Director Content Strategy.

Kalyan Gali
Director Delivery & Research.

Saritha Oberoi
VP – Program Management.

Instructional Design

Priyanshu Chatterjee
HOD – Content

Stacey Grey
Research & Innovations.

Ravi Chandra
VP – Instructional Design.

Pooja Pahwa
VP – Instructional Design.


Vivek Pandey
HOD- Media

Akhil D Manu
Production Head

Rohin Grover
Platform Head

Ashraf Siddiqui
Quality Head


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