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Our comprehensive multimedia development services cover a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of edutech providers, educational institutions, and e-learning platforms. Whether you’re looking to develop interactive courseware, virtual reality (VR) simulations, gamified learning modules, or mobile learning apps, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our variety of multi-media services include:


Interactive Courseware Development.

We design and develop interactive courseware that engages learners through multimedia elements such as videos, animations, interactive quizzes, and simulations. Our team ensures seamless integration with learning management systems (LMS) and delivers content that aligns with your educational objectives.
Few tools include: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire.


VR & AR Experiences.

Harnessing the power of VR and AR, we create immersive learning experiences that transport learners to virtual environments or overlay digital content onto the real world. From virtual field trips to lab simulations, we leverage these technologies to enhance engagement and knowledge retention.
Few tools include: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, ARCore, ARKit.


E-learning Platform Development.

We specialize in creating comprehensive e-learning platforms tailored to the needs of educational institutions, training organizations, and edutech providers. Our platforms feature intuitive user interfaces, seamless navigation, and integrated multimedia elements to deliver a cohesive and engaging learning experience.
Few tools include: Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, WordPress.


Gamified Learning Modules.

Our team specializes in creating gamified learning modules that transform traditional content into interactive games. By incorporating game elements such as challenges, rewards, and leaderboards, we foster a sense of competition and motivation, making learning a fun and engaging experience.
Few tools include: Kahoot!, Classcraft, Breakout EDU.


Mobile Learning Applications.

We develop mobile learning applications for both iOS and Android platforms, enabling learners to access educational content anytime, anywhere. Our mobile apps feature responsive design, intuitive user interfaces, and interactive multimedia elements, ensuring an optimal learning experience on smartphones and tablets. Few tools and software we work upon are: React Native, Flutter, Xamarin.


Video Production & Animation.

We offer professional video production and animation services to create visually appealing and informative educational videos. Our experts handle all aspects of video production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, editing, and post-production effects, resulting in high-quality videos that effectively convey your educational message. Few of the tools include Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Autodesk Maya.


Interactive Assessments & Simulations.

We design and develop interactive assessments and simulations that enable learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. These tools promote active learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, providing a dynamic learning experience. Few tools we use H5P, Quizlet, Learnosity.


Interactive eBooks & Digital Publications.

We design and develop interactive eBooks and digital publications that go beyond traditional text-based formats. Our multimedia-rich eBooks incorporate videos, animations, interactive quizzes, and immersive visuals to enhance learning engagement and interactivity. Few of the tools we use include iBooks Author, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Kotobee.


Audio & Podcast Production

We offer professional audio and podcast production services for educational content. From recording and editing to sound design and mixing, we create high-quality audio resources that can be used for lectures, language learning, storytelling, and more. Few of the tools we use include Adobe Audition, Audacity, Hindenburg Journalist.


Accessibility & Localization Services

We prioritize inclusivity by providing accessibility and localization services for multimedia content. Our team ensures compliance with accessibility standards, such as closed captioning, transcripts, and audio descriptions, to make educational materials accessible to all learners. We also provide localization services to adapt multimedia content to different languages and cultures, enabling global reach. Few of the tools include Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Amara.

At Alphabet factory, we develop two types of curriculum models: the product model and the process model

These are just a few examples of the tools and technologies we work with at Alphabet Factory®. We stay updated with the latest advancements in multimedia development and continuously explore new tools and technologies to deliver innovative and impactful edutech solutions.

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