Add complex meta-tags and create level-wise assessments.

A US based university contacted Alphabet Factory to enhance the effectiveness of their e-learning platform by adding complex meta-tags and creating assessments. The institution desired to improve the user experience and make it simpler for learners to search for and locate pertinent content. In addition, they desired assessments that were aligned with the course learning objectives.


The project's scope included the addition of complicated meta-tags to the e-learning platform and the creation of assessments for three courses: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The institution desired that the meta-tags be keyword-based and offer relevant results for the students. The assessments were intended to measure the learner’s knowledge and comprehension and provide improvement-oriented feedback.

  • Strategy

    Course Curation, SMEs inputs.

  • Design

    Instructional Design, Feedback process.

  • Production

    Media Development

  • Platforms

    LMS Edio Updates, LCMS


We required Meta-Tags on a system that was already operational, and it needed to get pertinent results.

The greatest obstacle we faced was ensuring that the meta-tags generated relevant and effective search results. In addition, we had to guarantee that the tests were connected with the learning objectives and capable of accurately tracking student performance.

Another difficulty was ensuring that student assessments were interactive and interesting.


Platform search capabilities improved, making it easier for learners to find what they needed

Following a comprehensive study of the course’s objectives, audience, and outcomes, keywords, course-specific descriptors, and tags were added to the metadata. After adding metadata to the e-learning platform, an exhaustive test was conducted. Exams contained multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and short-answer questions, as well as animations and films to make them interactive. Lastly, we conducted pilot tests of metadata and assessment efficacy and made improvements based on the results

The e-learning platform was enhanced by complex meta-tags and tests. Students were able to locate relevant content with the aid of metatags, and exams helped them grow. Also, the students valued the interactive and interesting character of the evaluations.

Metatags writing service alphabet factory
Metatags writing service alphabet factory
Metatags writing service alphabet factory

Our Expert Panel:


Aparna Chugh
Director Content Strategy.

Kalyan Gali
Director Delivery & Research.

Saritha Oberoi
VP – Program Management.

Instructional Design

Priyanshu Chatterjee
HOD – Content

Stacey Grey
Research & Innovations.

Ravi Chandra
VP – Instructional Design.

Pooja Pahwa
VP – Instructional Design.


Vivek Pandey
HOD- Media

Akhil D Manu
Production Head

Rohin Grover
Platform Head

Ashraf Siddiqui
Quality Head


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