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Creating a well-thought-out curriculum is fundamental to the success of any educational, training, or formal learning endeavor. In order to create effective curricula, we need to have a firm grasp on the learning processes of the students and a clear picture of how information moves from theory to practice.

We provide custom instructional design and content creation for K-12, higher education, and business. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology into a lesson plan, we guarantee that the focus will be on the students and the learning outcomes. Throughout the entire process of strategy development, product creation, and rollout, our subject matter specialists will collaborate closely with you.

When a system or service is completed in its entirety without outside intervention, we say that it is “end-to-end.” As a provider of solutions, we work hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product, taking full responsibility for designing, developing, and delivering.
Our Online Course Development process seamlessly integrates the content into a format that is easily available to the learners on various platforms like mobile, tablets, and laptops. The courses are developed keeping in mind the latest gadgets and learning methodologies.
Clearly, video courses are more likely to capture the interest of students. Our video production procedure ensures that objectives are well-defined and interwoven with a variety of interactive activities and a high quality of graphics to retain viewer attention.
Our team of assessment writers has a solid grasp on assessment writing’s rudimentary ideas. Whether it be formative or summative, in the classroom or at the program level, we are familiar with the ideas for writing assessments and how to put them into practice.
Our rapid eLearning development method enables the production of high-quality eLearning solutions in a matter of weeks rather than months. The lean production strategy is one that Alphabet Factory adheres to, whereby smaller teams, subject matter experts, and technologies may collaborate to develop a wonderful experience.
We have created intriguing case-studies for social, educational, therapeutic, and business research. Our case-study development strategy entails gathering a vast amount of information about a case, analyzing its contents by looking for patterns and themes in the data, and conducting additional analysis by comparing it to other cases, thereby producing useful research for our customers.
Similar to other technologies and subjects, content is constantly developing. Our content curation approach aims to maintain the content’s relevance and significance for learners. We ensure that every time we curate, we add value to the information, whether by shifting it from one platform to another or by making it more accessible to learners.

Alphabet Factory USP's

Integrated tech and customer-centric development processes are our key USPs. It’s simple, it’s WYSIWYG.


Our rapid development process is curated based on the lean development methodologies and consists of smaller teams, SME’s, and technologies.


Our robust and proven processes allow you to create standardized content development and consistency in the delivery of content.

SME Driven

Our content development is unique and will be driven by subject matter experts who are already renowned practitioners in their fields of expertise.


Our development processes optimize your ROI by creating online or elearinig training program which will reduce the classroom training material costs.

Real-time Labs

Our SMEs pick run-time examples for students as practice exercises which make both our client and their end audience updated on the market scenarios.

Content Curation System

The content is curated in regular intervals by our expert panel who will maintain with latest content updates according to the market scenarios.

Our client base speaks for us!

We have grown hand in hand with many universities, edutech corporates, and training organizations that have used the world of content for their own expansion. Please take a look at our proud client base.


The curriculum development procedure will be straightforward and based on the ADDIE model: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Our team of subject matter experts will communicate directly with you to determine your needs. Once the requirements are finalized, the curriculum will be developed based on the inputs. These will be sent for your review. There may be some iterations of feedback, but we will ensure that the curriculum is built in the best interest of the students and meets all of your specifications.

The level, length, and target demographic all affect the timelines used in curriculum creation. Our project manager will consult with subject matter experts and provide you with estimates once we have all the details. You’ll be able to readily track development thanks to the detailed work breakdowns included in these schedules.

We have a database of over 350 SMEs from several industries that are available to support us – We delivered content in areas which include Edutech, Technology, Reality, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Crypto, Drone, Healthcare, Fintech, Marketing, Renewable Energies and Smart cities.

Monday through Saturday, our team is available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. IST to serve a variety of geographies. If organized in advance, the team can be available during non-business hours. Expect a response within 24 hours for any questions submitted during our business hours.

With extensive expertise in US curriculum, European teams, and UAE-based projects, we can certainly state that we can accommodate any curriculum with considerable variation.

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