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Curriculum & Course Development

Curriculum-Content-Writing services by Alphabet Factory

The curriculum is what your students will learn, while the instructional design is how your students will learn it. Alphabet Factory helps you to curate a curriculum and deliver it with the industry’s best instructional strategies. 

At Alphabet Factory, we’re driven to help schools, universities, teachers, and professors to provide the best learning experience possible for their students. We equip instructors with customized course materials built to align with their curriculum, as we understand the importance of a thoughtful development process.

Our curriculum development takes care of the big-picture strategy required to successfully teach a course. Because decisions like course objectives, module or content sequencing, and delivery methods are made upfront, instructors can focus on smaller details like planning for a specific lecture or writing effective assessments. At Alphabet factory, we develop two types of curriculum models: the product model and the process model

Product model: Also known as the objectives model, this model focuses on evaluations, outcomes, and results. It determines what learning has occurred. If you need to develop a curriculum that prioritizes standardized test scores, you’ll be needing the product model.

Process model: This model focuses on how learning develops over time. Emphasis is placed on how a student is learning and their perspectives throughout the process.

Once you’ve determined the type of curriculum model you would like us to create, we’ll adhere to the widely accepted methodologies for the curriculum design which are Subject-centric, Problem-centric, and Learner-Centric.

Awesome it is! Right? If you are looking for a content partner or if you want to learn more about our course materials, instructional design process, and innovative learning platform, contact us using the options below. Let’s talk!!

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